Whilst your policy protects you against any legal liability that might arise against your vessel, what happens if somebody else causes injury or damage to you, or your vessel?

Although you can claim against your own policy for this, you will potentially lose any earned no claims discount and will lose your policy excess. Trying to recover this loss against somebody else, despite it being their fault, can take a very long time and you certainly won't get back any uninsured losses such as phone calls, travelling expenses and loss of use of your vessel.

The Legal Protection Policy will do this for you and covers you for up to £100,000 in professional legal fees.

In addition our new revised policy includes contract disputes with a retailer of goods supplied in connection with the vessel up to a value of £5,000.

This cover will cost ONLY £10.00 (including tax) a year. It represents INCREDIBLE VALUE FOR MONEY. This price is the same no matter what type of craft you have. FOR UNDER 3p A DAY THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST.